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Hi! I'm Conchita and I'm from London. I'm 15.
This blog is mainly Harry Potter, Merlin, Wrestling, Naruto, Doctor Who and KPOP.
I love manga and anime.

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Fangirl challenge → [1/10] friendships: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

"Harry Potter has to go into the lake and find his Wheezy —"
"Find my what?"
"— and take his Wheezy back from the merpeople!"
"What’s a Wheezy?"
"Your Wheezy, sir, your Wheezy — Wheezy who is giving Dobby his sweater!"
"What?" Harry gasped. “They’ve got… they’ve got Ron?”
"The thing Harry Potter will miss most, sir!"

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When I’m dead, will you be sad?
I couldn’t live without you.

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What its like to be white on tumblr. .

it’s actually true.

What it’s like to be straight on tumblr

This post is from a literal neo-nazi blog and you fucks are reblogging it and pretending you’re not racist

Like their username actually says that they’re a neo-nazi, you are literally agreeing with a neo-nazi’s opinions on race right now


Privileged people; more in common with neo nazis than with actual people. More at 11.

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the golden trio in every movie: the deathly hallows (part one)

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Heechul is jealous of Zhou Mi talking to Puff in Chinese, but when he tries to get his wife’s attention, his gets his husband’s instead  ヽ(✿ ゚∀゚)

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Harry Potter Meme: ♕ Seven Relationships

3/7 Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort

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I like collecting weird things. I’ve got quite a weird collection of strange objects. I have an Elephant Bird’s Egg. Some Justin Bieber hair. There’s places you can go to get stuff like that. It’s the tiniest pieces. (does he knows about it?) I’m not sure, actually. I would have thought so.”    Rupert Grint for Hunger Magazine [x]

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harry potter meme ♔ eight quotes (7/8)

"Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it."

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Smooth, Yook, smooth…


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What do you do when your leader is asleep? Pose cutely next to him!

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Hearing Moon Jongup sing his high notes live moved me to tears. He’s growing so well and I’m so proud.


I’m not an Inspirit, but I deep down respect them for all their hard work and effort to be one of the top boy groups today.