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Hi! I'm Conchita and I'm from London. I'm 15.
This blog is mainly Harry Potter, Merlin, Wrestling, Naruto, Doctor Who and KPOP.
I love manga and anime.

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“He [Kurt Cobain] talked about how ugly he thought he was all of the time. I remember one day he looked in a mirror and almost shed a few tears because he was so uncomfortable in his own skin. He was really insecure. This photo was one of the only ones he’s ever liked of himself. He told me he liked it because he thought he looked good. Kurt rarely looked at a photo of himself and felt he was attractive. He kept that photo in his wallet for awhile, I think. He was proud of it.” 

— Krist Novoselic, on the photo above, which came from Krist’s personal collection

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Me? Books and cleverness. There are more important things: Friendship and bravery.

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Leader and Maknae


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Hyukjae bouncing off your dash

k-pop idols + greetings (part 1)for yoongi-rnin


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when baby xiuchan meets his appa sungmin on stage

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For Heechul, Zhoumi is not just a part of a unit group. He is part of the group. Same goes to Henry ♥

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All these people who complain believe that hate=racism. This page expresses rage at ACTUAL things that REAL white people have said. Facts. But these people undermine the true meaning of racism; the systematic oppression, discrimination, and often vilification of races; building preconceptions of…





all fandoms have that one fucking overused quote that is on 99.9% of the  edits 

That was a metaphor, see?

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